Testing & certification

Key services

  • Data cable installation testing
  • Voice / telephony cable testing
  • Fibre power & light source
  • Fibre OTDR testing
  • Data and fibre certification
  • Fault finding and troubleshooting
  • Sub-contract testing service

Cabledata tests every link in every installation to ensure standards and warranty compliance of our design and installation.

If you are about to move office you should verify your new infrastructure or if you have some non-working ports on you existing network, we can test them and provide a report as to the cause and recommendations for repairs. Approximately 75% of all network faults are cable related – mostly due to incorrect installation. We can rectify these faults before you move into your new office and start experiencing problems.

Breakdown or emergency – we also offer an emergency cable test and repair service as even the most well maintained premises can have issues such as rodent damage, broken or chopped cables, we can get you up and running again with minimum downtime to your users.

We offer a full network cable testing service for both copper and fibre installations using Fluke equipment.

Next steps

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