• Corporate / Office

    We understand the complexity of large corporate networks, and the resilience required for uninterrupted business operations.

  • Education

    We understand the challenges that schools face, in particular data security, traffic and network management. We provide schools a sound IT platform to deliver a media rich curriculum.

  • Industrial / Manufacturing

    Our engineers industry experience has made us very familiar with the challenges imposed by manufacturing environments.

  • Medical

    Medical establishments are a unique and sensitive environment, requiring very professional installation methods and protocols.

  • Quarrying / Construction

    Quarry and construction sites are very harsh environments with health and safety and geographic issues to deal with.

  • Retail

    Whether it's a single installation or a roll-out of stores across the UK, Cabledata has the experience and track record to ensure we meet your needs.

Next steps

Cabledata has experiance in a wide range of business sectors, the above list represents our major markets....If your business activity does not appear then call us to discuss further on 01905-354387